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How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Pay Attention to Image Quality

One of the factors that makes Pinterest attractive to so many people is the images that bloggers use for their pins. Use the best images you have to optimize your Pins and get high engagement and engagement.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating and choosing the images you will use for Pinterest.

First, pay attention to the size of the image you are using. Images on Pinterest are usually vertical or extending downwards. 80% of ordinary users open Pinterest through their smartphone. This makes using an image that extends downwards more than using an image that extends to the side.

Second, use attractive images. Visuals that don't have images of people typically receive 23% more repins.

  1. Use bright colors
  2. Choose a background that matches the context of the image. Avoid using a white background. Choose a background that can make your photo more attractive.
  3. Use red tones in your photos. Images that have colors like red, orange, or pink get far more repins than images with blue tones.
  4. Lighter images also perform 20 times better than darker visuals.

Pinterest also provides some suggestions for creating better Pins. They recommend doing the following:

Minimal Logos

Anything in excess is certainly not good. Likewise with branding on Pinterest. Make sure that you don't overdo your branding. You can add credibility to your Pin, but don't let it distract people from the main focus of your Pin.

One thing you can do to keep branding without making people less focused on what you share is to use a logo. Include the logo in your pin image, but don't make it too big either. Make sure that the logo remains visible if people are accessing Pinterest via smartphones.

High Quality Images

Good pins use high-resolution images and professional-looking graphics.

Simple and Relevant Images

Do not use random photos that are not relevant to the content of your blog.

Text Inside Image

If you want your Pins to attract people's attention and collect traffic to your blog, one idea you can do is to include text in your images.

Doing this can not only help your Pins look more professional, but also quickly tell pinners what the pin is all about.

Join a Group Board on Pinterest

Group boards on Pinterest are one of the best ways to interact with other users. The group board in question here is a board where many people can enter pins into the board. This is one of the most popular ways to give you more exposure.

By joining a community board, you will be able to quickly build your followers and audience. If you're active in the community, other users will recognize you and be interested in viewing your Pins and viewing your Pinterest boards. If you like what they see, they will follow your account.

Then how to join group boards? The easiest way is to use PinGroupie . Enter a keyword into the column provided and they will show what group boards are associated with that keyword.

To join the group board, there are several ways you can do:

Get to know the Group Board Maker

You can start by interacting with them by starting pinning their content and opening a conversation with them. Pinterest is not just for sharing content, but you can also build your network.

In addition, you can also visit the blog that created the group board and contact him through the blog. This is a more personal step and will help the creators of this group board get to know you better and trust you the next time you offer to join their Pinterest board.

Check Invitation Instructions

Some group boards have instructions for joining them in their descriptions. Sometimes you just need to email the creator of that group or leave a message on one of their Pins. Approach them politely and explain why you want to join.

Invitation from Group Members

If you know someone who is already a member of the group, ask if they can invite you into it. Members of a group on Pinterest can invite others to join as long as they are authorized by others in the group.

If there are no groups that match what you want, you can start your own group. Create a new board as usual and add other people who want to join by entering their names and emails.

Pinning Your Blog Content

Time can indeed affect whether people see the content we've just pinned on Pinterest. There's a lot of data that tells us when we should be active on Pinterest so people can see our Pins. But the most important thing is knowing how your audience is using Pinterest.

Using Pinterest analytics, you can see where your audience lives and how they spend their time on Pinterest. If you know these things about your target audience, you can get an idea of when it's a good time to share your content on Pinterest for your audience to see and read your content.

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