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How to Submit a Blogger Sitemap (sitemap.xml) on Google Webmaster

How to submit a sitemap on a webmaster-As a blogger, having a lot of stable visitors is certainly a dream when you first build a blog. Various ways can be done so that the blog that we manage has a stable pv. Starting from SEO optimization on search engines, building an audience on social media to doing guest posts on well-known sites so that the blog has a reputation from backlinks. Regarding blog management so that thousands of visitors can arrive, one of the things you need to do when you first build a blog is to add a sitemap on google webmaster or search console.

With the addition of a sitemap on the webmaster, search engines will crawl the content of articles posted on the blog. So how to submit a sitemap or sitemap is one of the most important steps so that your blog gets organic visitors every day. For more details on how to submit a sitemap to the webmaster, you can read this article.

How to Submit a Blogger Sitemap (sitemap.xml)

Definition of sitemap

A sitemap or sitemap is a file that contains a series of sites with their pages or root folders. The sitemap file cannot be seen by visitors to your site. Because the function of this sitemap file is as a tool for search engines in crawling sites so that the crawled blog or website can be indexed properly in search tools. By adding a sitemap on Google Webmaster, your blog will be indexed faster in the Google search engine.

Benefits of submitting a sitemap

If you have added a sitemap on google webmaster, some of these benefits can be felt on the blogs that you manage. What are they? The following are the benefits that can be obtained when adding a sitemap on google webmaster.

Now the question is whether your blog or website can be made a sitelink like the picture if you have submitted a sitemap? The answer is yes. So that sitelinks can be made on search engines, one way is by optimizing the blog. Submit a sitemap to the webmaster is a common way that can be done for blog optimization.

However, if your blog has added a sitemap but the sitelink has not been created, it means that the blog you are managing has not been crawled properly. Because in order for a blog to be made sitelink it takes time and authority from Google. So just be patient, later if the blog or website already has organic visitors, stable pv, and diligently updating content later, God willing, the sitelink will appear by itself.

How to add sitemap in webmaster

Now I will discuss the core part of this article, namely how to create a sitemap on the webmaster so that the blogs that we submit to the webmaster's articles are quickly absorbed by the Google search engine.

Blogs are easy to crawl-Search engines will prefer blogs that have been optimized for webmasters over those that have not. Because by optimizing to include a sitemap, the article pages on your blog will be quickly detected by the Google search engine. By crawling good article content, you can make your site flood with organic visitors.

Can create sitelinks-Getting sitelinks is one of the pride for a beginner blogger. With a blog sitelink on a search engine, people who are looking for your blog's name on the Google site can see the important pages on the blog that you manage.

Articles will be optimized - Good article optimization will make visitors on the blog increase quickly. Your blog will appear on the first page of search, of course quality articles and good optimization make Google like the article pages you create. When that happens, then be prepared that your blog's pv will go up significantly.

Creating sitelinks in search engines?

If you enter the keyword of the website name in the Google search engine, it is not uncommon for large sites to find sitelinks like the one below.


1. To add or submit a sitemap on webmasters all you need to do first is to go to

2. After that click on the sitemap menu, or if your webmaster settings use English then click on the sitemap menu.

3. In order for your blog to be submitted for a sitemap, all you need to do is submit some of the links below.


After submitting you can also add

If the two links have been submitted, then every article you create on blogger will be easier to crawl by search engines. In addition, if the blog articles that have been created have reached more than 500 pieces, then you also need to add them.

4. Done. Now all you have to do is update the article content on the blog continuously. What is the meaning of a blog that has been optimized if the contents of the blog content are not filled and cared for?

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